Enabling Partner Success Through Custom Technology Solutions

Heartland Science and Technology

A 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Corporation Serving the Greater Public Interest

At Heartland Science and Technology, we understand technology and the importance it plays in our client-partner’s success. Our mission is to create and sustain custom technology solutions serving the greater public good. As a non-profit research institution, we collaborate with start-ups, other non-profits, universities, and government organizations—teaming to develop solutions while providing a vision of how technology can transform their operations.

Working with our client-partners, we adapt a systematic, mature, and flexible development process to meet their user experience, data analysis, and programmatic needs. We ensure data and information technology is safe, secure, and streamlined. Additionally, we facilitate the transfer, integration, and utilization of our collaborative research for public and social good.

Our Focus

We are a proven partner offering full-service technology strategic planning, development, deployment, and management services. Our trusted technical team has built custom solutions in diverse domains such as sustainable agriculture, cybersecurity, and resilient transportation systems. Read more about our service offerings, our team, and our projects.

Sustainable Agriculture Systems

We develop and operate information systems for farmers that integrate precision agriculture, conservation management, and economic data to facilitate the widespread adoption of conservation management best-practices. We create platforms focused on intuitive data collection interfaces, data quality management, and data protection and security.

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Cyber Dashboard and Data Privacy

To guide organizations through complex Federal cybersecurity regulations, we developed a web-based cybersecurity dashboard demystifying cybersecurity compliance processes and regulations. The Cyber Secure Dashboard tool provides the functionality required to implement, manage, track and communicate cybersecurity requirements across the manufacturing enterprise, and maintain compliance through an evolving landscape of potential security threats.

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Critical Infrastructure

We develop tools to support the National Infrastructure Protection Plan through applied research conducted at the University of Illinois in the area of threat-based assessments of port infrastructure. We collaborate on prototyping tools to better understand and mitigate the possible effects of port disruptions and their potential impact on industry, economics, and supply chains.

Our Mission

Heartland Science and Technology is devoted to solving technical challenges of national, local, and public interest by engaging in scientific research and engineering development, providing and maintaining technology solutions, and facilitating and managing collaborative partnerships. We aim to provide our clients and partners in private industry, government organizations, and academia with technically superior and fully attentive services that are unencumbered by competing interests. Our not-for-profit structure affirms our focus on our client’s mission and our commitment to the public good. We are a creative, self-starting, entrepreneurial, client-focused organization that is results driven and strives to positively impact the world.