Our Services

We specialize in technology development from concept to operational realization by providing our diverse clients a wide range of customized technology and business services. Our goal is to develop and extend promising new technologies and transition/bridge them into real-world situations.

Our status as a trusted client-partner and non-profit organization is valuable to build collaborative partnerships of multi-agency cross-sector teams to address technology and societal challenges. Our public-private partnerships are well positioned for external funding from a variety of federal, state, and private sources.

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Our Services

We are a proven partner offering full-service technology strategic planning, development, deployment, and management services.

Key services include:

Sustainability Solutions for Agriculture: We develop and operate information systems for farmers that integrate precision agriculture, conservation management, and economic data to facilitate the widespread adoption of conservation management best-practices.

Data Collection and Management Platforms: We create platforms focused on intuitive data collection interfaces, data quality management, and data protection and security.

Custom Software Solutions: We create custom software and applications to collect, convert, process, and generate claims, environmental metrics, and economic results from agriculture. This includes QA/QC processes for data collection and data processing.

Technology Services: Full-Service Consulting

  • Software development from web and database applications to computational engineering and high-performance computing
  • Design capability, user experience and user interface design capability
  • Application programming interface (API) design and development
  • Data analysis, visualization, and infrastructure provider
  • Software development best practices and infrastructure guidance and solution provider
  • Hosting services (cloud or private)
  • Project management solutions
  • Trusted data maintenance

Business Consulting & Support Services: Start-Ups & New Technology Support

  • Proven technology partner for concept development, technical design, and technical implementation
  • Support services to manage and evolve new technologies
  • Collaborative business services to identify and establish partnerships
  • Branding and marketing support
  • Program management